Saturday, 12 January 2008


This Northern Italian, hazelnut liqueur, is a huge favourite of us Fizz, Flip and Fancy girls!

It was created by the Christian monks living in the hills of the Piedmont region, over 300 years ago. The bottle design is even a tribute to its origins – styled to look like a monk’s habit, with a rope belt.

This liqueur is created from a complex recipe of wild hazelnuts, cocoa, vanilla berries and other natural ingredients. The versatility of its taste makes it a perfect addition to any drink, suitable for all seasons. It also works well as an after-dinner drink in coffee.

Our favourite way to drink Frangelico is over ice, fresh lime juice and Belvedere vodka. An interesting discovery I made was to add milk to 30ml of Frangelico in an old fashioned glass, and Emma and I were extremely jealous when Alex was given a solid chocolate shot glass from which to have her Frangelico!

If you want to incorporate Frangelico into a cocktail, you could try a Spring Tonic:
- muddle 4-6 lime wedges and a sprig of mint in the glass half of a Boston shaker.
- Add 15ml Frangelio, 15ml Vanilla Liqueur, 30ml Apple Liqueur and ice.
- Shake and strain into a large Martini glass and top with soda.

Or, try muddling 4 physalis berries in the bottom of a low-ball glass, filling with crushed ice and then adding 50ml Frangelico. Divine.

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